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Syracuse Winterfest 2024 EVENT Winners  February 17, 2024, Saturday Sangria Taste 1. Salt City Bar 2. Orbis Lounge 3. Three Lives Sangria Presentation 1. Orbis Lounge 2. Salt City Bar 3.Limerick Pub Martini Taste 1. Orbis Lounge 2. Talking Cursive Brewing Co. 3. Salt City Bar Martini Presentation 1. Talking Cursive Brewing Co. 2. Orbis… Read more »

EVENT WINNERS 2023 and 2022

Syracuse Winterfest Winners 2023  February 18, 2023, Saturday Sangria Taste Salt City Bar Board & Bar Charcuterie Orbis Lounge Sangria Presentation Board & Bar Charcuterie Orbis Lounge Salt City Bar Martini Taste Talking Cursive Brewing Co. Salt City Bar Tallman Cocktail Co. Martini Presentation Talking Cursive Brewing Co. Tallman Cocktail Co. Orbis Lounge Culinary Cruise… Read more »

KIDS FUN with Checkers the Inventor Feb. 25th

KIDS FUN with Checkers the Inventor At Lobby area of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown 11am – 4pm We are super excited about some of the new advancements to our program, including an animatronic robot, a new custom set, and props designed just for an immersive experience that will thrill audiences. We have structured the program… Read more »